When Rules Don’t Apply is a multi-faceted public education and outreach campaign that includes:

• 30-minute film

• Three short “discussion” videos

• Discussion guide

• Resource-rich website

• Social media campaign

These assets will be free to access on this website. The film will be released in April 2019. The discussion guide and DVD will follow shortly. The DVD and movie file will be available at reasonable cost when released.

Our goal is to increase awareness and understanding of antitrust law as an essential underpinning of our economic system, encouraging competition and discouraging collusion to hold down employee wages, fix prices, and preclude employee opportunities.

We plan to work with organizations, association, and institutions that wish to screen the film at symposia, conferences, and other professional/educational gatherings to further the discussion on antitrust and society. We aim to reach tech workers, business professionals, HR executives, labor unions, as well as computer science, law, and business students with this project.

The film will also reach a wider audience through broadcast on public television and digital streaming.

Interested in a screening?

If your group or institution would be interested in screening the film, please use our contact form to let us know.


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